December 2019

The following talks were given in the Logic and Epistemology colloquium:

  • December 5: Prof. Yaroslav Shramko (Kryvyi Rih) "Generalized Consequence Systems and Structural Reasoning"
  • December 19: Dr Andrew Tedder (Prague) "Channels in Logics in the Vicinity of BB"

Prof. Heinrich Wansing joined the program committee of Logica 2020, Hejnice monastery.

November 2019

There was a logic week at RUB consiting of three events in a row:

  1. The Logic of Paradox, after 40 years, Bochum, November, 2019.
  2. A Workshop on FDE-based Modal Logics, Bochum, November, 2019. 
  3. 5th Workshop on Connexive Logics, Bochum, November, 2019.

Logic Week


The following talks were given in the Logic and Epistemology colloquium:

  • November 7: Dr Peter Sutton (Düsseldorf) "Semantic criteria for countability and individuation: the importance of the problem of the many in the semantics of count nouns"
  • November 14: Prof. Thomas Grundmann (Cologne) "What experts are and how laypeople can identify them"

October 2019

The volume New Essays on Belnap-­Dunn Logic, Hitoshi Omori and Heinrich Wansing, Heinrich (Eds.) appeared as Vol. 418 of Synthes Library (Springer).


The following talks were given in the Logic and Epistemology colloquium:

  • Octoebr 10: Dr Pierre Saint-Germier (Paris) "Hyperintensionality in Imagination"
  • October 17: Prof. Thomas Ede Zimmermann (Frankfurt/Main) "Variables vs. Parameters in the Interpretation of Natural Language"
  • October 31: Prof. Hannes Leitgeb (Munich) "On Merely Expressive Devices"

Prof. Heinrich Wansing was invited speaker at the conference Services to Logic: 50 Years of the Logicians' Liberation League, Mexico City, October 25-28.

Programme Services 

September 2019

The Special Issue: Advances in Connexive Logic of the journal Logic and Logical Philosophy appeared. Guest Editors: Hitoshi Omori and Heinrich Wansing. This is an open access publication.

Cover Page

August 2019

Prof. Heinrich Wansing gave an invited talk at the 16th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology (CLMPST), Prague, 5–10 August 2019.


and joined the program committee of TRENDS 2020, The 20th Trends in Logic international conference, "Logic and Reasoning: Formal and Informal," at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. 


July 2019

On July 4 and 5, the workshop Logic in Bochum V took place.

June 2019

At The Eleventh Smirnov Readings in Logic at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow,19-21 June, Prof. Heinrich Wansing gave an invited talk "On synonymy in proof-theoretic semantics."


Prof. Heinrich Wansing accepted the invitation to join the Advisory Board of the  2020 São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) Advanced School of Logic at the Center for Logic, Epistemology and History of Science (CLE) at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp) with the title "Sao Paulo School of Advanced Science inContemporary Logic, Rationality and Information ."

On June the 6th,  Prof. Tomaz Skura (Zielona Gora) gave a talk on "Inverse Refutation Rules: an Application to Refined Model Constructions in Modal Logic".

Christopher Badura and Prof. Amy Kind (Claremont McKenna College, CA) organized the conference Fiction, Imagination, Epistemology.

May  2019

The guest lectures in the research colloquium Logic and Epistemology included :

  • May 2, Prof. Peter Verdée (UC Louvain) "Exact truthmaker semantics for classical non-transitive relevance"
  • May 2, Prof. Raymundo Morado (UNAM) "Informational Semantics and Logical Validity"
  • May 23, Dr Andreas Kapsner (Munich) "Connexivity and the Pragmatics of Conditionals"

April 2019

Prof. Sergei Odintsov (Novosibirsk) visited Bochum from April 3-9 and gave a talk in the Colloquium on Logic and Epistemology, titled "From 'Star' and 'Perp' to HYPE via WFS, a logical journey."

Kai Tanter (Monash University, Australia) arrived for a one-month research stay, supported by the DAAD.

Prof. Dolf Rami joined the Department of Philosophy I to take up a professorship in Metaphysics and Philosophy of Logic. Welcome to Bochum, Dolf! 

March 2019

Sara Ayhan gave a contributed talk at the Third Tübingen Conference on Proof-Theoretic Semantics, March 27-30, 2019, titled "The meaning of proofs in different proof systems," and Prof. Heinrich Wansing gave an invited talk titled "On synonymy in proof-theoretic semantics."